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For every step we are being asked to take away from each other, we need to find another way to step back together.


This idea will remain at the heart of our response as a church to COVID-19 pandemic as the social distancing that we are being asked to undertake. 


St David’s is working on developing new and creative ways of remaining connected throughout this time. We will be communicating by phone, electronically and using our webpage and Facebook to provide updates. The situation is changing daily and will require us to respond to the unfolding situation. This is likely to mean changes to our worship and pastoral care responses. 


We will seek to keep this webpage up-to-date with the latest information for our Parish. We are working on ways of providing worship, pastoral care and administrative activities that will allow engagement from those who are having to isolate themselves.


It is for such a time as these that our faith provides ways to seek stronger connections and provide hope for each other. 


God’s Peace,

Michael Stalley

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who we are

We are a community made up of a mix of all kinds of people. Lots are local to Graceville, Chelmer and surrounding suburbs who feel St David's is our spiritual home.


Our worship style is a mix too, of the traditional and contemporary. We value traditional worship formats, but, with plenty of room for contemporary music, a fun focus for children and a desire to make all feel included. At our family service at 9.30am on Sunday mornings we particularly seek to make children and their families feel welcome and valued.

We are a community that supports each other, in life and inner worship of Jesus. We also try to support others, in the broader local community, and abroad.

Perhaps you haven't been to church in a while, or are looking for your new spiritual home. We will seek to make you feel welcome and make it as easy as we can to feel part of our celebrations. We invite youth join us on Sunday for our services and stay for refreshments and a chat.


Due to COVID-19 virus there are no scheduled events

Michael Stalley

Catherine and I moved to Chelmer in 2013 when I began as the Minister of this Church. Having grown up in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane it was like returning home after 13 years on the move in ministry. In my time in ministry I have had a particular focus in helping to develop communities in which all age feel welcomed and valued. It is partly because I have two children that I am so passionate about creating a christian community filled with joy in which families experience a strong sense of belonging and can grow deeper in their own faith together.


I am a bit of a cricket tragic, enjoy my golf, singing and playing the piano.


(07) 3379 8894

69 Chelmer St East, Chelmer QLD 4068, Australia

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