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About Our Church

Finding ways of moving closer to God and each other to lead to aundant life! 


This phrase seems to name the most pressing task for us as a faith community at this time. This website provides one way in which we seek to use all that we have for this purpose. At its heart is our desire to be a community committed to vital and life giving relationships with all that are shaped by knowing God in Jesus Christ.


In our church and personal lives, we seek to be: -


Intergenerational in desire and practice;

Generous in relationships;

Open communicators;

Family focussed;

Forgiving in nature;

Respectful and inclusive of age, gender, race, and creed;

Compassionate and friendly;

Connecting authentically with each other and the wider community;

Co-operative and involved in our church and its life;

Willing to change to grow;

Loving and caring;

Seeking harmony and stability in our lives.

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