Being the Body of Christ - Head, Heart and Hands

A Teaching series over three weeks that explores the mission of St David's Church and how it might be expressed in our life together over the next five years and beyond.


How can you get involved?

  1. You can pray!  We will provide prayer points for our Church here and in other communication that we ask you to include in your own prayers at this time.

  2. Listen to the Sermons! Beginning the 15 October our sermon at 7 am and 9 am will form the basis for our discussion in the following week.  Be there live at one of our worship services or listen back to sermon as they are made available here below.

  3. Meet Face to Face with Others! On Monday evening @ 7 pm and Wednesday morning @ 9.45 am we will meet in the church to deepen our understanding of our mission through listening to scripture, reflecting on the sermon and exploring our mission in conversation together.

  4. Use Online Material! We will keep updating the material on this page as preparation for our discussions or perhaps because you have been unable to meet face to face.  We encourage you to join in the conversation here that Michael will follow and respond to.

Week 1 Sermon - Inform - Michael Stalley
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Week 2 Sermon - Be Formed - Michael Stalley
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Week 3 Sermon - Transforming - Michael Stalley
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Philippians 3.4-14


"We are the Body of Christ"


Paul urges the Philippian Church to become who they already are.  If we are the Body of Christ at St David's how will we become who God is calling us to be?

Sermon - Michael Stalley
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Philippians 2.1-13


"Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus"


What are the divisions that we build between each other that prevents us from being the Body of Christ?  How will humility be vital if we choose to be a church that works across generations learning, worshipping and serving together?

Sermon - Michael Stalley
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